Acupuncture without Needles

Providing the correct treatment for you

Different ailments and conditions respond better to different treatments. I use the following treatments alongside Acupuncture needles to obtain the best results for you.  For some patients and particular conditions I don’t use needles at all!

Acupuncture without needles - cupping on back muscles

Cupping– moves blocked and stagnated energy found in painful, restricted muscles.  Cupping (also known as Myofascial Decompression) involves small cups being placed on the skin and creating a vacuum. The cups are then gently moved or left in place. Cupping reduces inflammation and speeds healing. It does this by circulating blood, re-oxygenating tissues, removing toxins and promoting cell repair. Cupping can also be used to treat coughs and congestion in the chest. This treatment is not painful and the temporary marking that can occur is short lived and a good indication change is occurring.

Gua Sha– this traditional method has similar effects to Cupping and is used to alleviate pain and restriction in the body. Gua Sha (similar to Graston Technique) can be used on areas difficult to cup such as the neck and ankle but also on large muscles on the body. The literal translation is ‘scrape or stroke-rash’. You may also hear it referred to ‘coining’ or ‘spooning’. Gua Sha helps to lengthen muscles, break down adhesions and invigorate blood flow. The intentional rash brought to the surface of the skin indicates the elimination of toxins and old blood. As with Cupping, this is short lived. Gua Sha can also be used as a diagnostic tool. 

Acupuncture without needles -hand holding professional moxa stick

Moxibustion –  involves burning the dried herb Chinese Mugwort on or near the skin: over specific Acupuncture points, along the affected channel or over particular areas of the body. Moxa comes in many forms and has many uses. It is very warming. I often use Moxa to dispel cold, alleviate pain, strengthen treatments and bolster energy levels.

Acupressure & Gentle Stretches – are used to help release muscles and relax the body.  Acu-points are located and pressure is applied with the fingers to stimulate Qi flow. ‘Chopstick’ acupressure can be used with children in a fun, non-threatening treatment. I also use gentle stretches and pressure-against-resistance with patients.

Electro–Acupuncture – A small current is passed between a pair of Acupuncture needles. This is particularly useful when working with pain conditions. Electro-Acupuncture is also used when constant, repetitive simulation of Acupuncture points is beneficial. 

Infra-red Heat Lamp– Infra-red heat penetrates deep into the skin and muscles (3-5cm) which increases blood flow to the surrounding area. This helps to repair damaged tissue, break down dead cells, relieve pain and increase healing.

Acupuncture without needles -heat lamp over leg

Chinese Dietary Advice –  is based on certain foods in Chinese medicine having particular energetic properties related to the 5 food flavours: Salty, Sour, Bitter, Sweet & Pungent. Foods also have the ability to heat and cool the body. Use of foods within the diet, either having less or more of certain foods, helps support treatment.

Medical Qigong – This branch of Chinese Medicine directs Qi without using needles, herbs or massage. Qi is directed with the hands and mind; a person’s physical body is not touched. Instead, more subtle body energies are manipulated to restore health and balance. This involves Chinese Medical Theory and requires specialist training.

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