What happens during Acupuncture Treatment?

The diagram below shows what happens during acupuncture treatment. Hover over the boxes for more information. Contact me if you have any questions.

During your first visit I find out why you have come for Acupuncture and your treatment priorities. I gather lots of information to allow me to know the best way to treat you. 1st Session 70-90 minutes. Further sessions 60 minutes Your signs and symptoms are grouped into Patterns of Disharmony which are treated. Acupuncture treats the Root (cause) and Branch (symptoms). After all the necessary information is gathered I can tell you how I think I can help you. Treatment plans are individual and depend on: Acupuncture treatment is individualised and treatment results differ for patients. Recommended when signs and symptoms persist after regular treatment. Positive health changes have begun but further regular treatment is required. This is common for many chronic conditions. For the majority patients, after their symptoms have diminished and they get results, treatment is spaced from weekly to fortnightly to monthly. When we are happy with treatment results this patient is signed off and discontinues treatment. Some patients choose maintenance treatment. This prevents symptoms returning and is proactive in maintaining good health; e.g. treatments every 4-6 weeks. The Frequency and Dose impact on treatment results. Frequency is number of sessions and how often. Successful results come when treatment is in an appropriate time frame. Dose is what is involved in each session; i.e. number of needles, location of needles, additional treatments adjuncts. As your body and energy are returning to health, signs and symptoms reduce then disappear. Pain can move, diminish or disappear. I feel your pulses, look at your tongue and may check your range of motion or examine a specific area of your body. This is dependant on our condition and how you respond to treatment. A typical course of treatment is 6 sessions. Acute conditions take less time, long-term, chronic health conditions often take longer. I frequently suggest 3 treatments in 10 days or twice a week for 2-3 weeks. Treatment begins weekly until signs and symptoms reduce and are then spaced out. Treatment for certain conditions is specific and defined; e.g. Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke, IVF Support, Labour Induction, Facial Acupuncture.