Can Acupuncture Help Me?

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Patients in pain or discomfort

Patients in pain often wonder if Acupuncture can help them? They come to me when pain is stopping them living life the way they want. This can be physical pain from injury, repetitive strain or trauma but also systemic pain from chronic illness i.e Arthritis, Auto-immune conditions. Often some treatments and painkillers give little respite. My patients just want to get back to doing things the way they used to. Find out about Acupuncture treating Pain and Discomfort.

Specific medical treatments

People benefit from Acupuncture when used alongside specific medical treatments e.g. Fertility Treatment, Chemotherapy, Post-operative care / recovery and various drug regimes. Acupuncture during and after treatment helps minimise side effects, promote healing and relax and calm the mind. I specialise in Acupuncture for Fertility Support and Women’s Health.

Supporting named conditions

People living with long term health conditions become tired of becoming a label or condition. Some people are told nothing else can be done to improve their health and some feel at a loss when medications no longer help them. I frequently support patients with chronic health imbalances to optimise their health, feel more positive, and have an increased overall sense of wellbeing.

Advertising restrictions prevent me from listing specific conditions Acupuncture can treat. Advertising Standards Agency detail the permitted list of conditions here.

Individualised Acupuncture

There are lots of reasons why people come to me for Acupuncture and your treatment is individualised and tailored to your health. I think this is one of the reasons Acupuncture is so effective. The following examples explain individualised treatment –

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Example 1 –
Headaches & Migraines

Western medicine may recommend the same medicine for people experiencing headaches. However, with Acupuncture patients have individualised treatment. A patient’s symptoms, triggers, location and type of pain are discussed. After understanding their overall health, and other signs and symptoms an individual treatment plan is created. Different points and treatment modalities are selected and individual lifestyle advice is given.

Example 2 –
Low mood, stress, low motivation

Some patients feel stressed, unease, tired and have no motivation.  They might experience emotions of anger, grief, confusion or sadness. They may experience sluggish digestion and poor sleep. Conventional medicine might prescribe similar medications. Acupuncture treatment takes a different approach. Each person receives treatment specific to them. The Branch (symptoms) and Root (cause) of their energetic imbalance must treated.

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