Preparing for Pregnancy Programme

Preparing your body for conception and pregnancy

Tired of guessing how to boost your fertility? Unsure which supplements actually help and which tests will give you the answers you need? If you feel you have tried everything and are still not pregnant then come and work with me to support you – I’m different to other alternatives or going it alone.  

I take a comprehensive approach to restoring and optimising your health and fertility and preparing your body for parenthood. Don’t be fearful or frustrated, together we will find the solutions you need to move forward. Preparing for Pregnancy is a powerful combination of Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Health Coaching which promote the health changes you need to support conception and a healthy pregnancy. I personalise everything to you, which means you can feel secure knowing working with me is right for your body. 

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Integrated Fertility Support

Together, we work alongside conventional medicine, and I am trained to understand and know how best to support your body. By identifying issues that may be preventing ovulation, fertilisation and implantation, we can work to resolve these.

‘Unexplained Infertility’ is a big umbrella and very often further investigations are needed to uncover what is really going on. When reproductive treatment is required, I work alongside these to support and guide you throughout the process to keep your body, mind and emotions on an even keel and optimised. 

I adopt a functional medicine approach to investigating and optimising your fertility. This involves investigating troublesome symptoms and conditions impacting your fertility –

  • Poor digestion and gut health imbalance (bloating, constipation)
  • Hormone irregularities (heavy painful periods, irregular cycles, mood swings, hot flushes)
  • Immunity, inflammation and infection (repetitive coughs & colds, swelling, redness)
  • Detoxification pathways
    (rashes, toxins, pollutants, EDC’s)
  • Energy production
    (fatigue, poor sleep, tiredness)
  • Mind, mood and emotional disharmony (stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, grief)


Why work with me?

I am really proud to have helped so many women on their fertility journey to move towards their goal of becoming a parent. I specialise in fertility and female health issues. People turn to me when they are frustrated and tired of trying things that just don’t work for them. 

I really listen to you to understand what is going on for you so I can fully understand the help you actually need. I am trained to know how to help and take you through a staged plan: step-by-step. Acupuncture balances and regulates your body systems and is combined with diet, lifestyle and key supplements to optimise your health and fertility. I analyse laboratory testing to find out specific imbalances and guide you to get results – so no guesswork is involved. By identifying what is going on in your body we can we successfully address it.

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Taking Control of your Fertility

I have worked successfully with many women. Everyone comes to my programme at a different stage of their fertility journey, and because the programme is highly personalised, everyone gets their own individual plan and needs met.

If you associate with conditions including Endometriosis, PCOS, Recurring UTI and infections or thyroid imbalance or have experienced multiple failed rounds of IVF or miscarriages this programme is right for you. Individual treatment can target any of the following-

  • Balancing and optimising hormones meaning your periods become regular and less problematic
  • Managing blood sugar levels and food cravings
  • Restoring poor digestive function
  • Supporting liver detoxification
  • Enhancing thyroid function

Why a 4-month programme?

My approach is ideal because true change and healing take time to implement. We work on multiple areas of your health over a 4-month period.  This allows time for change that is realistic and achievable.

This time allows us to regulate and normalise your menstrual cycle, with identifiable follicular and luteal phases, and the knowledge to recognise ovulation. Eggs take 3 months to develop fully and mature. We need this time to improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, rebalance inflammation and eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria. This allows us to boost follicle numbers and egg quality and nourish and optimise your endometrial lining.

When testing identifies imbalances and deficiencies, we use this time to make the necessary changes needed to support you to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Are we a good fit to work together?

I work with male and female couples, same sex couples and women planning parenthood on their own. If you are ready to work on your health and make the changes needed to maximise your fertility, I am here to help you. I will provide you with a structure and plan for getting the results you want. I don’t just give you information; but will also guide and support you on your route to parenthood.  

Although I can’t guarantee pregnancy, I commit to completely supporting you on your fertility journey and providing effective and up to date evidence-based treatment. In turn, you will commit to regular Acupuncture treatments interwoven with Nutrition Therapy, laboratory testing and health coaching.  I support you to be accountable for making changes to your health, staying motivated and help to make things manageable by prioritising what needs to be done, when to do it and how to fit things in with your busy life and schedule.

Fertility takes two, what about the men?

When a male is involved in the fertility journey, his involvement is key. I expect both partners to attend the initial consultation. Working with the male ensures his general health and sperm are optimised before conception (or sperm collection if undergoing IVF). When hormone levels and sperm parameters are found to be sub-optimal, Nutrition Therapy and Acupuncture are effective at optimising male hormones and sperm production.

Sperm take 3 months to develop fully so it is really important you both work to optimise your fertility levels from the outset. For male partners we schedule a Male Fertility MOT (In-person or On-line). Important information is gathered, and a plan made to optimise hormone levels, sperm parameters and boost overall health and vitality. Specialist male testing is recommended when necessary and includes advanced male hormone, sperm quality and male microbiome analysis.  This session will also indicate if a referral to a GP is necessary.

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Preparing for Pregnancy – 4-month programme £1195

What you get –

✔ Learn to understand your body and maximise your health with better energy, vitality, and confidence in your body
✔ Improved sleep and lower stress levels which enable your body to function optimally
✔ Support tackling health issues that have been bothering you for a while and you don’t know what is the best way to address them
✔ Clear explanations to allow you to make informed choices
✔ Remove the guess work choosing which supplements your body needs and the doses required to optimise your health
✔ Health coaching and tools to keep you motivated and address any barriers and limiting beliefs that are impacting on your fertility levels, ability to conceive and relax and enjoy your pregnancy
✔ Access to tests to identify what may be preventing you getting pregnant or having a healthy pregnancy 
✔Personalised information allowing us to prioritise test results to restore health and balance
✔ Support with challenges that present along the way on your fertility journey
✔ Your body will be in a better place for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy

What is included –

✔ In-depth 90-minute consultation including initial Acupuncture session
✔ Personalised Fertility Report outlining health goals and timescales
✔ Review of previous test results / investigations / scans
✔ Review of existing supplements and potential medication interactions
✔ Updated supplement plan based on what your body needs for conception and sustaining a healthy pregnancy
✔ Access to Functional Testing for hormone and fertility health
– Vaginal Microbiome testing with Invivo Healthcare RRP £199 
– Advanced Fertility Blood Analysis with Inuvi (customised biomarkers)
(additional costs apply)
✔ Access to further functional testing to assess your fertility e.g. Female Hormone Metabolites, Genetic traits and pre-disposition (additional costs apply)
✔ Further 10 x Acupuncture sessions over 4-months to optimise your hormone levels and menstrual cycle, egg quality and endometrial health
✔ Regular review and discussion on your diet, lifestyle, supplements, advice on new test results and ways to address them
✔ Help with BBT charting and understanding signs of ovulation, temperatures and changes in cervical mucus
✔ Email and Phone support during the 4-month programme – scheduled

Plus Male Fertility MOT (worth £195)

✔ 60-minute 1:1 fertility consultation (Online or Phone)
✔ Review of previous semen analysis, hormone tests, scans
✔ Diet and Supplement Advice
✔ Advice on further specialist male fertility testing (e.g. male hormone blood analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation, male genitourinary tract testing)
✔ Summary Report

Cost of Supplements and additional Functional Tests paid separately

Preparing for Pregnancy completes with an overview and if necessary, patients move to a maintenance and treatment plan to work on ongoing health issues. When pregnant within the 4-month programme, the remaining sessions are allocated to the first trimester of pregnancy where Acupuncture and Nutrition are both safe and effective. 

Next Steps 

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