Below are some testimonials of people I have worked with clinic. They show a variety of conditions I treat and support successfully. These are in the patients own words. I do not claim to treat specific medical conditions with Acupuncture. I treat a persons energetic imbalances and patterns of disharmony.

The Advertising Standards Authority permits Acupuncturists to say we treat very specific conditions evidenced in the form of clinically controlled trials.

DBChronic Depression

I started to see Lucy just over 7 years ago and initially went for treatment for chronic depression which I have had cycles of since I was a teenager. I was looking for an alternative treatment and after reading up on Acupuncture, I decided to pursue this line of treatment. The clinic itself is calming and in an ideal location, and night-time appointments fit in well with my work hours.

Lucy immediately puts you at ease, asks what you are looking for and explains the treatment plan.

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Now I have chosen to go every 5-6 weeks to maintain my health in a holistic balanced way, which I have found helps me greatly. I know I can also go in at any time and ask her to focus on other things (i.e. fatigue, hormonal issues) and this is never an issue for her as she will tailor the treatment. Lucy also sends me away with self-help information on specific points that I can press to help with migraines when I get them: although these have significantly reduced since I started acupuncture treatment.

I am so happy that I found Lucy as she has proved herself to be very professional, caring, honest, knowledgeable, listens well and answers my many, many questions. She is such an interesting lady, I highly recommend her and cannot thank her enough for the positive changes the treatment has had on me.

RWBack Pain & Emotional Balance

Acupuncture with Lucy has been something in my life that I wished I had found long ago, as it has helped me in so many ways both physically and mentally!

Lucy through her knowledge of distal treatment through acupuncture has improved the pain in my back, from an effort to get up in the mornings to a place where I am no longer a pain.
Through my acupuncture treatments my management of my anxiety and stress levels have improved, I feel so much calmer and in control of my life thanks to Lucy’s treatment and rebalancing.

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Lucy embodies professionalism, kindness and care throughout every treatment. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject is amazing. For someone who has never experienced acupuncture before and might be nervous, I would urge you to give Lucy a call even just for a discussion.

Lucy doesn’t just offer acupuncture, but a wealth of holistic health knowledge and experience, cupping, gu sha and also moxibustion.

CEBack Pain

I visited Lucy for the first time a month ago when I put my back out at work.

Truthfully, I was a little sceptical of the benefits of acupuncture, and a fear of needles didn't help, but after hearing and reading how it can help with back pain I decided I had nothing to lose. I heard about her through word of mouth. A colleague had a friend who had visited and had good results.

On the first visit Lucy spent a good half hour on a consultation to find out all about my history, she really took her time and she made me feel relaxed, she is a very warm individual and really makes you feel at ease. After the consultation the treatment began and lasted about an hour. She used a mixture of therapies including Chinese cupping and acupuncture. Aware of my fear of needles she positioned me face down on her treatment table so I didn't need to see what was going on! For an hour and a half initial appointment her rates are very reasonable. Subsequent appointments last around an hour and are cheaper than the initial.

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Prior to the first treatment each morning I would wake up and do 30 minutes of stretches and gentle exercises followed by 10 minutes of heat and ice packs and ibuprofen just so I could get through the day. However, the next morning after treatment I felt a vast improvement, I still did the stretches, but felt no need for painkillers or the heat and ice packs. I would say my pain in the morning went from and 8 out of 10 to a 3. I really couldn't believe the difference. I didn't use the painkillers or the heat and ice packs again.

I had weekly follow up appointments for two weeks, and then Lucy suggested I move to either a fortnightly or monthly gap for the next treatment and then assess whether I feel more appointments are necessary. Lucy is determined to get rid of pain as quickly as possible in the shortest timeframe, she definitely isn't trying to drag out treatment when it is not necessary.

I would whole heartily recommend making an appointment with Lucy if you are considering acupuncture. She has a lot of experience and years of study in the practice, and continues to attend workshops to stay at the top of her game.

SMPregnancy – Hip Pain & Labour Induction

I went to see Lucy in the run up to my second baby's birth, I wished to avoid being induced and also I was struggling with pelvic girdle pain which meant I was using crutches to walk. Lucy has empathy and a warm, sunny nature. Her treatment room is very homely and serene. I was quick to relax during my treatments and after a few treatments my labour started. Before my treatments I was worrying over how I would manage with a new baby and an energetic 2 and a half year old if I was still on crutches. As an added bonus I felt so positive after my treatments and started really looking forward to my baby's arrival.

ASCrohn's Disease

Lucy is very personable & caring, she puts you at ease & is very approachable. Sometimes I felt I had symptoms that doctors would disregard, but Lucy saw the whole body as a picture. I felt much better after the first treatment, which was non-intrusive, & have continued to improve. Lucy is very professional with clear explanations and a nurturing manner. Her clinic is near centre of Inverness, with parking. It is a calm, clean, comfortable environment.

JELeg & Knee Pain

Lucy shows compassion and professionalism listening carefully to 'you' the patient. Lucy endeavours to offer the very best treatment she can. The clinic is clean, bright and well appointed, with parking. I have found the sessions to be very beneficial. I do not find it painful, but it is a little strange. I always feel some benefit from a session and would recommend to commit to several sessions with an open mind.

EMMotion Sickness & Regulating Menstrual Cycle

I'd highly recommend Lucy to anyone thinking about getting acupuncture. In addition to being excellent at her job, she put me at ease as soon as I arrived, ensuring I was comfortable throughout each treatment.

Initially I didn't know what to expect and Lucy was very patient while answering my (many, many) questions. She certainly knows what she's doing, clearly enjoys her job and wants to help her patients as much as she possibly can.

The treatments certainly helped me and I won't hesitate to go back in the future.

LBPregnancy - Birth Preparation & Labour Induction

Couldn't recommend Lucy highly enough. She is very professional, takes great care and patience in thinking and offering treatments. Even if you're new to acupuncture, you're in very safe hands.


Since I began treatment with Lucy I've seen significant improvements in all of my symptoms. Lucy is a skilled master of her craft - she knows intuitively where to find those tender spots that show something is out of sync. I was a bit nervous about acupuncture treatment but Lucy has a gentle, calming energy and I always feel that I'm in safe hands. I can't recommend her highly enough.


I have been receiving acupuncture since 2017 to help with fibromyalgia. I started off with a 6 week course so that we could get on top of things. My pain levels quickly came under control and we were able to space treatment to every 3-5 weeks.

Lucy is fantastic and really listens to how I am feeling and then treatment is based around my needs. It's a lovely warm environment and I come away feeling peaceful and relaxed.

CMPregnancy – Morning Sickness

I was on my third pregnancy, and third experience of hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness), when I first visited Lucy.

My first pregnancy had resulted in such severe, unrelenting nausea, that I couldn't eat, I drank minimal water and was in bed for months – the symptoms lasted the entire pregnancy. My life stopped, I struggled to work, couldn't socialise and lost over 3 stone in weight (while gaining baby weight?! My son was 8lb 13oz when born). My second pregnancy followed the same pattern, but bed rest wasn't an option with a 3 year old!

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I had no expectation of acupuncture relieving the nausea in my third pregnancy – nothing else I tried had worked – but it was the last thing I had to try and I was desperate to make a difference with 2 small boys to look after … after my first visit with Lucy (which was utterly delightful) there was an improvement in my symptoms! I almost couldn’t believe it. The nausea reasserted itself after a week or so (although slightly less intense) and I returned for another appointment, now hopeful that Lucy could help me. She did, and after 5 sessions (around a fortnight apart), the nausea was completely under control and stayed that way for the remainder of my pregnancy (3 months). I managed to consume more food and liquid – which helped enormously with my energy levels and mood. I cannot recommend acupuncture, and Lucy, highly enough.

Lucy is warm, kind, and put me at ease instantly. She explained all that would be happening, and my time on the couch was incredibly relaxing - a benefit in and of itself! However, the difference she made to my pregnancy is incalculable. Hyperemesis is awful, and takes its toll physically and mentally. Thank you Lucy for making my final pregnancy (and my life while pregnant!), not only bearable, but enjoyable!

NTRheumatoid Arthritis

Lucy is fantastic at her job. Not only is she very knowledgeable when it comes to acupuncture but you can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help with your problems. If you ever have any aches or pains or just want to de-stress I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Lucy.

I'm never disappointed after a session with her and always come away feeling better. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and acupuncture really helps ease my symptoms.

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